Rant on Packing Material


Warning! This is a rant...

We ordered 34 new computers from Lenovo to replace the 34 Premios we started with 5 1/2 years ago. The amount of packing material that comes with new computers is unbelievable. In order to unpack ONE functional computer I received the following items:

  • 2 boxes (recyclable)
  • 2 large plastic bags that covered the mini tower and flat panel monitor
  • 2 pieces of Styrofoam for the mini tower
  • 2 pieces of Styrofoam for the monitor
  • 1 bag that contained a booklet and cd for the monitor
  • 1 bag that encapsulated the VGA cable for the monitor
  • 2 twist ties at both ends of the VGA cable to keep the bag in place
  • 1 zip lock bag for the power cable for the monitor
  • 1 twist tie for the power cable for the monitor
  • 1 bag that encapsulated the stand for the monitor
  • 1 keyboard box (recyclable)
  • 1 plastic bag that encapsulated the keyboard
  • 1 twist tie for the keyboard cord
  • 1 plastic bag that contains the power cord for the tower, mouse, and documentation
  • 1 twist tie for the power cord
  • 1 plastic bag for the mouse (yes the one that was in the larger plastic bag)
  • 1 twist tie for the mouse cord
Total recyclable items=3 Total non-recyclable items=18 Total computer =1
This is totally insane. The only items I see actual need for are the boxes and stryofoam. I don't need all those damn baggies and twist ties. What am I, a pot dealer?

SCED Code Pilot Project


Our school is participating in a pilot project with the Wyo Dept. of Ed (WDE) in aligning all of our courses to SCED codes.

  • taxonomy for assigning standard codes to secondary school courses in 22 major subject areas. It also includes a content description for each course, and instructions on how to use the taxonomy in coding courses (link)
We should have our alignment completed by late January. This is going to be a requirement for all Wyoming school districts by the next school year (09-10). The need for this alignment and coding is for tracking of Hathaway Scholarship requirements.

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Has Gateway gone out of business?


Is it just our school or has Gateway gone out of business. We ordered over 250 machines from Gateway MPC (their gov/edu section) on July 1st and just canceled the order because we hadn't received them yet. WTF? We now have Lenovo's on the way.

Case Study: Wyoming e Academy of Virtual Education

Class.com created a case study on our school.

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