VSS 2008


So I'm sitting in my hotel room updating a blog I haven't touched for 10 months at the urging of several of my colleagues that I saw again at VSS. I guess my somewhat blunt post about Pearson's purchase of eCollege is famous infamous in the small online high school world.

I made three presentations this year which was really weird for me. On Sunday I presented as part of a panel on starting an online program with the moderator Dave Glick, our external evaluator. I was sitting with some pretty impressive people on that panel.

Then on Monday I presented again with Dave and data was the focus. We have all the raw data in the world, but very few ways to aggregate and report that data in a meaningful way. Our presentation articulated those frustrations and sought out solutions and suggestions from the audience. I couldn't believe that so many people came to the session.

Today we gave a presentation on my small little program that serves Native American students in Wyoming and part time students from other Wyoming districts. Again, I was floored at how many people attended the session. I am very humbled by that. We are such a small program and to have so much interest is unbelievable.

More focused thoughts to come...