3 things I'm going to do


My friend, Chris Rapp, from Colorado Online gave me a great idea: he says that after every conference he writes down three things he is actually going to DO when he gets back to the office. So often, we attend conferences chuck full of great ideas but then don't implement them because we get back home and start back into our daily grind.

  1. Begin a comprehensive list of functions that should be more efficient in our system. For example: data exchange w/ Infinite Campus, messaging (set up gmail accounts for our students) This has been completed (with the exception of student email). The letter will be posted soon that was written to eCollege addressing each of the concerns I was thinking about in this bullet point. 11/10/08
  2. Follow up with everyone I have a card for that I need to email. Still working on this, almost finished.
  3. Attend the Western NACOL meetings and participate more with the committee. I've been slacking in this area (sorry Chris and Donna) but it is easy to blow off a webinar when I have a student how needs help. Maybe moving the webinars to Tuesdays will help with that. Also contribute more to the Ning community.
    The NACOL meeting is tomorrow and I just joined the eCollege Ning group. 11/10/08
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VSS 2008

So I'm sitting in my hotel room updating a blog I haven't touched for 10 months at the urging of several of my colleagues that I saw again at VSS. I guess my somewhat blunt post about Pearson's purchase of eCollege is famous infamous in the small online high school world.

I made three presentations this year which was really weird for me. On Sunday I presented as part of a panel on starting an online program with the moderator Dave Glick, our external evaluator. I was sitting with some pretty impressive people on that panel.

Then on Monday I presented again with Dave and data was the focus. We have all the raw data in the world, but very few ways to aggregate and report that data in a meaningful way. Our presentation articulated those frustrations and sought out solutions and suggestions from the audience. I couldn't believe that so many people came to the session.

Today we gave a presentation on my small little program that serves Native American students in Wyoming and part time students from other Wyoming districts. Again, I was floored at how many people attended the session. I am very humbled by that. We are such a small program and to have so much interest is unbelievable.

More focused thoughts to come...