Moving from a desktop to a TabletPC


Today I'm moving from my desktop to my tabletPC. I've had the tablet for about four months now but had not yet made the full conversion. Just copying over my files is taking forever, then I have to re-do all the installations of the programs I need. THis is a bit of a headache, but a great thing to do the day before x-mas break when you don't want to do real work anyway.

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Let the e-rate madness begin


Our annual e-rate madness has begun. The 470 is posted and certified, the RFPs are posted and on our district's website and bids are due January 10th. Oh what fun!

Resources and Materials from 2007 VSS


Resources and Materials from 2007 VSS

Here is a listing of the materials from the VSS 2007 conference that presenters made available.

I particularly liked the presentations by:

  • Glen Moses
  • Allison Powell
  • John Watson
  • Susan Lowes
  • Cathy Cavanaugh