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Today, while I was waiting for a return phone call regarding my SIS system, I started to catch up on unread blog posts and del.icio.us bookmarks I hadn't looked at in a while. After meeting Glen Moses at VSS2007 a few weeks ago I've been reading his highly insightful and entertaining blog.

In one post of his I stumbled on this video. Just something to get my mind a working...

Painted Pony, Inc. releases the fourth children's book in the Wind River Series


The author, John Washakie, works here in our school library. He is a very talented writer. I suggest everyone read these books published by Painted Pony by John and other local authors.

Painted Pony, Inc. releases the fourth children's book in the Wind River Series
FORT WASHAKIE, WY - Painted Pony, Inc., a Wind River Indian Reservation-based company, has published a new children's book, Yuse & the Spirit, by Shoshone tribal member John Washakie. This is the fourth book in the Wind River Series, which are all traditional, Native American stories told by Shoshone and Arapaho tribal members.

"Traditional tales such as Yuse by John Washakie are an important part of our state's rich cultural heritage," says Governor Dave Freudenthal. "This story of a young Shoshone boy who is coming of age can be read and appreciated by children of any age."

The book series have been produced in partnership with the Wyoming Department of Education to be distributed to all Wyoming elementary schools for fourth grade reading classes.
Yuse & the Spirit is about a Shoshone boy who is coming of age. He takes an amazing journey and learns the value of adhering to the teaching and customs of his tribe. The story is written at an elementary grade reading level. With its detailed watercolor pictures and rich cultural lessons, it is sure to engage children of all ages.

Painted Pony, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wind River Development Fund, a non-profit community development financial institution on the Reservation. All profits from Painted Pony go back to its parent company to help fund its non-profit activities of developing a private sector economy on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Fremont County, Wyoming.
For more information on Painted Pony, Inc. or to purchase the books, please visit the company's website at www.paintedponyinc.com or call (307) 335-7330.

Women Lose Ground in IT, Computer Science : November 2007 : THE Journal

Women Lose Ground in IT, Computer Science : November 2007 : THE Journal

I have seen similar reports in recent months and am wondering what we can do in our little school to help reverse this trend.

VSS Recap


This year was the first year I went to VSS and it was a very good conference. I recommend it to anyone involved with K12 online learning. This conference is hosted by NACOL and was held in Louisville, KY. The conference facilities were great except the hotel's internet connection was slow and spotty.

All of the sessions I attended were very informative except one. But even during that particular session I ended up with a contact for an online program that serves NA students in Canada.

eCollege threw a great party one evening. (I know you guys are reading this...great party!)

I think the Western NACOL committee will start contribute a lot of great things to the organization. We have a lot of unique situations in the west.

I went to a presentation about social networking that was the best of the entire conference. It was given by a group of teachers from Odyssey Charter HS. Their presentation was very informative and helpful. Since I've figured out MySpace, I now feel the pressure to Facebook and Ning. This is the Wiki they put up to use during the presentation. It is chuck full of info. Very good!!

That is all for now. I'll post more as I go through my notes from the conference.