Hybrid Learning: Challenges for Teachers : May 2007 : THE Journal


Hybrid Learning: Challenges for Teachers : May 2007 : THE Journal: "The main problem here is that the instructional design has not changed because the actual online methodology has not been understood. In professional development for teachers, more time should be spent on methodology training than on technology training. Usually, the reverse is true, and teachers can know how the technology works but remain confused about what the benefits are to instruction or why the change is necessary in the first place."

I totally agree w/ this author's point of view. The technology is the easy part of online and/or hybrid learning systems. There are real geeky people out there that just lap up all the technical issues (myself included). What techies don't have, is a good knowledge and experience in teaching methodology. Techies don't understand pedagogy and all the other educational -ologies. It is important for teachers to have a say in how a hybrid course functions from an educational point of view. Let the techies make it look nice and work better.