Missouri K-12 Virtual Instructional Program


Missouri K-12 Virtual Instructional Program

This is an exciting development for eCollege, Virtual Sage, UMOHS, and Bocavox. We are currently trying to buy a SMS from Bocavox but the purchase has to go before our school board in June.

As I've said in previous posts, I really like UMOHS and how they run their operation in partnership w/ Bocavox. This organization is very professional and really has their act together. With the above mentioned partners, it looks like the state of Missouri is off to a great start.

Kaplan buys UMOHS - South Florida Business Journal:


Kaplan buys UMOHS - South Florida Business Journal:

The K-12 Online world keeps getting smaller and smaller. Hopefully this is a good move for UMOHS and Virtual Sage. I met the UMOHS people at the recent CiTE conference and was really impressed with they way they run their school with something called a "vertical staffing model" I hope their new owner doesn't change the things that make UMOHS unique and successful.

The hits keep coming


Pearson Acquires Harcourt, Wyo PAWS Provider

My shock and awe must of blinded me yesterday because I missed the announcement that Pearson bought out Harcourt, the assessment company that if providing the state required PAWS test. Harcourt has done a terrible job of deploying the PAWS test. It is fraught with errors, delays, and over all sloppy implementation.

Why Pearson is such a crappy company to own eCollege


  1. They are absolutely enormous. They buy out competing products and put them under one roof, so there is no need for the products to get any better because they don't have much competition. This is what happened when Pearson bought out three competing SMS (student management systems): Chancery (MacSchool and WinSchool) SASI, and PowerSchool. These used to be three competing companies with a competing product. When one introduced a feature, the others had to follow suit to stay in the game. Now, all three are under one roof. Here is their product listing for SMSs:
  2. They own the Financial Times as well as Penguin Publishing
  3. They publish Scott Foresman elementary curricular materials (text books)
  4. They publish 6-12 curricular materials (text books and computer programs linked to the text books)
  5. They own programs like NovaNET (which is a pile of crap, computer based instruction or read and test as I like to call it. It is so boring and the kids hate it!)
  6. They own SuccessMaker, used to be a good program, now the support is pretty crappy and the whole product is more expensive.
  7. They own almost all of the online assessments that are out there for all sorts of things, from HS diplomas to computer certification tests, to automated text analysis (automatic grading of written work)
  8. They have a whole division that is supposed to make teachers better teachers
  9. And this goes on and on. See here: http://www.pearson.com/index.cfm?pageid=20 and this is just their education division!
So what does all of this have to do w/ eCollege--NOTHING! That is the problem. eCollege is going to get totally swallowed up inside this huge company, and we are all going to suffer for it.

What a DIASTER--eCollege is selling out to Pearson

eCollege: Investor Relations: Press Releases

Pearson is the equivalent to Wal-Mart in the educational technology business. I can't believe eCollege is selling out to these guys. It will only be a matter of months before eCollege is a pile of Pearson poo! More on this in a little bit.

It is so fun to buy new machines!


Gateway Computers: Education - Product Details for Gateway� M285-E

So this is what I'm ordering for all of our HS staff, along w/ a port replicator, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. These new tablets will completely replace the current desktops on staff desks.

If we get our new building (I pray every night) we might put a few more in for student use. We'll see how it goes!