Patrolling Web 2.0 : March 2007 : THE Journal


Patrolling Web 2.0 : March 2007 : THE Journal

This is something I fight constantly. I finally got MySpace IM blocked through a group policy in my active director, but it took me three weeks of searching online and asking colleagues how to combat it.

I have real mixed emotions on how much we should limit kids on the Internet. We have a pretty strict filter (iPrism by St. Bernard) but it is always a balancing act between protection and legitimate access.

If our CMS, eCollege, would get its act together and embed some Web2.0 tools within the CMS it would solve a lot of my problems. We really want to have our kids blog, but eCollege doesn't have that built in. We'd like to create Wikis, but again, nothing built it. We can do podcasts and video casts, but it is still tricky.