E-Rate NCTET 10th Anniversary Report.pdf (application/pdf Object)


NCTET 10th Anniversary Report.pdf (application/pdf Object)

It is so nice to see a positive report on e-rate. I have personally been defending e-rate since congressional scrutiny began a few years ago. Our district has received over $1 million in e-rate funding and we deserved every single penny. We now have a very nice Local Area Network with a fiber backbone and 100mbps to each client. We also have a wireless umbrella over our campus and have finally given enough bandwidth to participate in the WDE (Wyo Dept of Ed) video conferencing network.

For a small school like ours, we would have never been able to replace our old "net-day" LAN with fiber and implemented VoIP with general funds, even grant funds. E-rate was our only way to have the network that we now enjoy.