reinventing the wheel


I'm currently re-creating an online course that is taught by our local community college that we are going to use for dual-credit. It is a basic computing essentials course. They use WebCT and we use eCollege. There is no way to export the exams out of the WebCT course into eCollege, so I was re-typing them by hand. What a headache!! Then I got an email saying that this program might be able to do the conversion for me.

I'm going to download a 30 day free trial and see how it works.

Solving equations online


I think I've found a tool that will let our math teachers demostrate solving equations online using SmartTech's new product the Airliner. This thing lets us record movies of what we are writing using the stylus pen and records whatever is said into a microphone. I used Windows Media Encoder to make the file size smaller.

Here is a link to a quick movie I created that demos what I had in mind.

katejlogan's bookmarks on

katejlogan's bookmarks on

I'm a total convert to I don't even use my old bookmarks anymore. I need to go through and clean up the crap and then just totally convert to

It is awesome!!

Getting my Digital Photography going

I have started my digital photography class. I have seven students and all but three units built. I think it is going really well. I have used this course as a guideline in building mine. Once I'm complete I'll send the teacher from Riverside a login into my class and see what he thinks.

I've also created accounts for my students in Flickr and they are going to be posting all of their assignments on the website. They are private accounts and groups, but when they are finished, they can move their photos into their own account and make them public. I have to be careful to not students information on the Internet since they are all minors. But all of my discussion questions use Flickr and students have to post links to images that pertain to the discussion question. We'll see how it goes, but the kids seem really jazzed up about the course.