PAWS poo


We are neck deep in PAWS (Proficiency Assessment for Wyoming Standards) testing right now and I spent four hours yesterday installing a kiosk browser so students can take only PART of the exam online. This doesn't include the 10-15 hours I've spent getting our student data accurate in the PAWS.

I am all for technology integration, but this is technology for technology's sake. I could have bubbled in student information on a scantron sheet quicker than installing a program and messing around with uploads, downloads, imports, and exports.

This kind of crap drives me crazy. It is stuff like this that makes teachers shy (or run) away from using technology in thier classrooms.

This all came about with our notorious former State Superintendent of Education, Trent Blankenship. The WDE (Wyo Dept. of Ed) signed a contract with Harcourt to replace our old high-stakes test, the WyCAS, with the new PAWS with most of it taken online. I'm just sure that there is some bank account in the Caymen Islands that is getting nice and plump that will put Trent's kids through college.

...end of rant.