Proving technology profeciency for NCLB


The deadline for reporting on 8th grade student and teacher technology proficiency is almost here. The feds are leaving it up to the states to determine what proficiency is and how it is measured and reported. In turn, the state is leaving it up to the individual district. This is how our district is going to measure proficience; with the IC3 test. We have licenses through a company HowToMaster where we can pre-test and then put people through prescriptive training on the areas they didn't maaster in the pre-test. This is all online and pretty straight forward. The actual IC3 tests cost $20 a piece, but we will be able to use Title IID funds to pay for the test fees.

We are saying that proficiency for 8th graders as well as staff is a passing score on all three IC3 tests. I think that is a pretty high bar, but one that educators should be at given the amount of technology that is in our district right now.