content filtering


With our new iPrism box, we are able to look at every single web page that a computer visits during a specified time range. A HS teacher asked me to look at a particular student's computer because he caught him watching videos several times today. So I started running report in the iPrism box and started going through the list of websites and low and behold, the kid was watching/listening to christian/gospel videos and music.

Suprise, surprise, that kind of stuff scoots right trough our filter rule sets, allowing the student access all day.

But it got me thinking, this kid was wasting time watching videos and streaming music...does it matter that it was christian/gospel music? I don't think so. But I know it is going to be really challenging tweaking our filter rules so those types of sites are blocked just like the youtube and yahoo video sites (and the like) are blocked. We'll see how the rest of the week goes w/ this particular student.