What is worth the effort?


Since presenting for the K12 Online Conference I have been viewing the different presentations on Web 2.0. I'm the technology director for our online high school and I'm trying to decide which of these tools would be best to try to integrate into our school. Which tool (del.icio.us, RSS feeds, blogs, podcasts, wiki, etc...) will be the most effective verses the learning curve and time factor that it takes to PROPERLY implement.

I've started this blog, in part, to answer part of that question. I have also started using del.icio.us tags. These two "tools" seem to intimidate me the least.

We are having our first real professional development next week with our offsite and onsite teachers for the first time ever. There is so much to talk about and so much to do in such a short time. I'm looking at introducing the Impatica software(converts narrated PPTs into a small file that can be viewed over a slow internet connection) and perhaps podcasts. I don't think I"m comfortable enough with blogs and del.icio.us tags to throw that out to the group.