I love working in a school!


I just spent all morning working on three different problems at once.

We have parent/teacher conferences tonight so I was checking out the report cards in our student data management system Web2School and found three HUGE problems. After a few phone calls and some changing of terms and other settings, all is well in the world of report cards.

I had to change the login name of one of our students, quick fix.

While on the phone w/ our network guy, we planned out how to let the business manager VPN into her work computer from her house. While in the business world, this may be pretty standard, it is not so in our little K-12 education world.

But my morning is the reason I love working for a school. There is a different kind of problem every day. You never get burnt out on one type of problem or task because there are so many.

Well, off to troubleshoot an issue with our Class.com content with a HS kid.