I figured out del.icio.us----finally


Well, I finally figured out how powerful del.icio.us really is. I maintain a website for the grant I run: www.wrrsi.org. We used to have a whole huge section on web resources that was a static list. It took me FOREVER to create and maintain. When we had our website re-done by Entheos (whom I highly recommend) I just never got around to updating the web resource page because I knew how time consuming it would be.

Since presenting for the K12 online conference I have been trying to figure out all of these Web 2.0 tools. I had created a delicious account right after the conference and had started using it infrequently.

But today when I sat down to tackle the resource page I figured I'd give this del.icio.us thing a try. It is really great. I was able to tag about 100 website in a few hours, bundle them according to themes, then publish them to my website w/ some nifty little javascript that del.icio.us writes that I just pasted into my code.

Here is the final result: http://www.wrrsi.org/resources.htm

My next step...replace my static math/science news page with a RSS feed aggregator. I haven't even started to work on figuring that out yet.