How to improve our courses


I have been thinking and working a lot lately with my colleagues on improving the courses we buy for our online high school. We've come up with the following laundry list of things that need to be done:

  • create an audio recording of all the content, unit by unit, that students
    can listen to as a podcast and post it in the course

  • train teachers on how to create narrated powerpoints to explain difficult
    concepts to students.

    • what program should we purchase that allows those PPs to be converted
      to a smaller file size and in a variety of formats for easy downloading/streaming

  • train teachers to create screen capture demostrations for specific skills
    or tasks. I'm thinking of a teacher solving a math equation on a smartboard
    and capturing that process with audio instructions.

    • again, what program is best for creating small file sizes in a variety
      of formats

  • we need to re-write most of the exams that come with the classes. They are
    pretty bad.

So, the list I just outlined takes a tremendous amount of work. Are we going
to pay teachers extra for creating those resources, is it going to fall on the
shoulders of the tech person (me), how quickly does this need to be done, what
is top priority, and so on are just many of the questions that are running through
my mind.

We have a staff meeting tomorrow, and I'll see if I get any kind of answers
to my questions.