"Are they really ready to work?"


I read a summary of a new study called "Are They Really Ready to Work?" and I was not suprised by its findings.

I'm concerned with the high school graduate findings. It says that employers think that graduates entering the workforce need basic knowledge, (mainly comprised or reading, writing, and speaking in proper English, but also problem-solving and math) and the application of those basic skills to be good employees. It also says that most HS grads are "deficient" in these areas.

This doesn't suprise me one little bit. In the era of NCLB and testing, testing, testing; we are not giving our students the opportunity to apply the skills they are learning in the classroom. We (education) only care about the test result whereas employers want workers who can apply thier knowledge to thier work. Vocational education is almost gone out of most public HSs either by direct funding cuts or by indirect testing policies.

We'll have to see if this improves in the future and it educators are willing to look at the results and do something about it.